Christmas Collection


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Christmas Basket $112.95

Chocolate Bark, Medium Assortment  box, and Marrons Glacés box-  including fresh flowers in tube


50 pc Assortment  $62.95

Net WT 1 lb. (453 gr.)

Pistachio Ganache, Orangettes, Hazelnuts, Lavender Almonds, Honey-Caramel Almonds, and Champagne Truffles

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Bark 'n nutcracker $44.95
Net WT 12 oz (340 gr) 

Roasted Almond Bark

Includes board and hammer





7 pc Marrons  Glacés 

Net WT 4.4 oz. (125 gr.)

Least sweet glazed chestnuts with chestnut purée and cognac