Our fine chocolate is made with 70% pure cocoa and with natural and organic ingredients, several of which are sourced locally from nearby New York farms. 

Our chocolate is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and consistent quality, and so we recommend you consume it within three weeks after purchase. 



We promise to enlighten your spirits!  

Low in sugar, high in quality.

Enjoy our chocolate in ten varieties:


Plain Almonds
Delicately roasted almonds, full of health benefits-- and a classic favorite.

Lavender Almonds
An aromatic twist, soothing floral notes of organic lavender.

Ginger Almonds
Organic fresh ginger with a distinct flavor, in addition to its medicinal benefits.

Honey-Caramel Almonds
Caramelized with pure honey. A crunchy sensation. Croquant!

Chili Almonds
Just the right amount of chili to feel the subtle kick.

Whole Hazelnuts
Nutritious hazelnuts roasted to perfection to balance our rich dark chocolate.

Champagne Truffles
A combination of organic grade A milk, quality champagne, mixed with our fine chocolate.

Organic orange peel full of nutrients. A citrusy delight.

Rose Water Ganache
Pure rose flower water, famous for its intestinal benefits. 

Pistachio Ganache
Creamy pistachio LESS the cream. Indulgent.